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Outdoor Accent Tables

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Outfit Your Patio with a Great Outdoor Table from Bassett Furniture

The trick to setting up an outdoor space that everyone wants to hang out in is making it look and feel as comfortable as any room inside your home. That's easily accomplished with Bassett's outdoor furniture collection. 

One of the most essential elements to include in your outdoor entertainment space is an outdoor coffee table or an outdoor cocktail table. That's because every room needs an easily accessible surface to hold your drinks, phones, snacks, smart speakers and other comfort-enhancing measures. If your patio includes a large seating area, you may also want to supplement the space with a side table or two, to give all of your guests the surface area they need for all their knick-knacks. 

A great outdoor table can help you recreate that relaxed, comforting atmosphere you regularly enjoy in your living room out on your outdoor patio. Find a terrific selection of outdoor patio tables at Bassett Furniture.

An Outdoor Table for Outdoor Comfort

Bassett's outdoor furniture collection features all the elements required for a supremely enjoyable backyard space. The collection includes a number of different outdoor table options, each serving a distinct purpose. Whether you gear your outdoor patio for hosting large gatherings or use the space for wholesome family fun, there's a Bassett outdoor table to fit your style, taste and intended use. 

Patio Console Tables

Patio console tables are great for display and decoration, like family photos or candles. Long and slim, they fit great along walls, fencing or deck railings without intruding into the space or impeding maneuverability. Add more surface area for decoration with a great console table from Bassett Furniture.

Patio Cocktail Tables

Your outdoor cocktail table can serve as the centerpiece of your patio layout, or take a supporting role for more exotic accent pieces. The choice is yours. And there are plenty of options to choose from in our collection. Find your favorite. 

Patio Side Tables

Every designer's favorite little helper, the outdoor side table exists to add convenience and utility to any outdoor area floor plan. Park them next to your outdoor sofa or sectional to provide your guests with their own personal storage space. Find a wealth of side table designs and shapes in our outdoor collection. 

Choosing Your  Favorite Outdoor Table Material

At Bassett Furniture, we source the highest quality materials for our outdoor furniture. Whether you prefer wood, metal or wicker outdoor furniture, your Bassett outdoor table will be built to last. 


Wood is a great choice for outdoor tables, as it does well in the elements. Our choice of wood for outdoor furniture is teak. Teak is a dense hardwood whose natural oils repel burrowing insects, like termites. Strong and durable, teak outdoor tables are equally adept at managing rain, wind, heat and direct sunlight, without losing their aesthetic appeal. 


If you prefer outdoor furniture made from high-strength metal, check out our line-up of aluminum outdoor tables. Aluminum does not rust and is able to stand up to any weather condition. This means you don't have to find a home for your aluminum patio table inside during the offseason. 


Our wicker outdoor furniture is made from high-performance wicker resin. Compared with natural resin, synthetic wicker resin is better able to handle moisture and direct sunlight without warping, cracking or otherwise losing its look. Wicker outdoor tables are light-weight and easy to care for. 

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